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"Re-freezing" the Arctic

Discussion created by Milan Zlatkovikj Partner on 23-Jan-2017
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Ice melting, sea level rising, global warming - nothing new under the blue sky. As long as someone believes/doubt the existence/impact of this climate change, the efforts are ongoing to fight it. Will this be enough or not, having in mind that there's a race with time, and time is not in surplus, we will see in the upcoming period.


Since the regulations implied to reduce emissions and pollutants will just reduce the impact (short-term), can something be done to "heal" the damage? Here is a study of a proposal to install wind turbines on the Arctic, to power pumps which will pump the water from the sea/ocean in order to make the process of freezing faster and in the winter periods to increase the size of ice. A Fleet Of Windmills Could Help Us Thicken The Ice In The Arctic | Digital Trends 


I have been thinking about this topic, what can be done for this issue, and here appears these guys thought more seriously on this topic. The points that I hope to be evaluated here:


1. Does this look feasible from a technical point of view? Working on the Arctic is not the workplace you would prefer.

2. Can this make a difference (even a small one)?

3. Opinion on - can this kind of projects generate international support and funding?