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Food Sustainability - a great informative Podcast

Discussion created by Enrico Furnari Partner on 22-Jan-2017
Latest reply on 28-Feb-2018 by Robert Pleticha

When talking about climate change, we often limit ourselves to electricity generation or transportation, but there is much more, and food plays an important part

I've recently listened to a podcast from the BBC (The Inquiry, really recommended by the way) that covers some of the most important issues, such as:

  1. Food production accounts for as much global greenhouse gas emissions as all forms of transport combined.
  2. People are not aware of it.
  3. The solution of the problem is probably much more complicated and further away than it is for transportation and electricity generation, as it involves behavioural changes, but technologies might help us even in this field.


Here's the link - but you can search it in any podcasts player.