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Musk's tunnel boring machines: A serious consideration or marketing?

Discussion created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 05-Jan-2017
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Many of you are for sure follower of what Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City have been doing in the last 10 years and you probably know a lot about its CEO: Elon Musk. During last year it used twitter to send out some message in which he propose to take some tunnel "boring" machines and start digging layers and layers of streets where cars could drive in so many lanes that traffic will not be a problem anymore. More info here: How Musk's Tunnel Boring Would Work

What do you think about this proposal?


In my opinion, to build tunnels under our cities is expensive and useless. When it first the news got out I thought: "Thanks Musk to define in a different way the Underground! Does he want to create a public transport service?", thinking as well that in many cities it is really expensive to provide multiple layers of streets. Moreover, the announcement was followed by one of the biggest updates in the autopilot system of Teslas, which can be the real game changer solution to avoid traffic.