Efrain Arturo Hernandez Mora

Good news from 2016 and for 2017

Discussion created by Efrain Arturo Hernandez Mora Partner on 11-Jan-2017

Hello everyone!


I just wanted to share some good things that came out from 2016, and the good ones that are coming for 2017.

Starting with 2016, the Rocky Mountain Institue shared a post stating the top 13 clean energy developments of 2016. (link here) The three ones I am most proud of are:

The Paris Agreement becomes legally binding

Emerging economies deploy more renewables than developed nations

HFCs get phased down

Which ones are you most proud of?


Regarding the good news for 2017, I think we can all be thrilled about the creation of "Breakthrough energy ventures", a venture capital with Bill Gates is Chairman. I knew about this venture for a while now, but I was also too lazy to read all the fuzz, so if you are like me, or you would like to get to know more about what Bill Gates himself has to say about it, take a look at this interview


Cheers everyone!