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Master Thesis positions at EDF - Paris, France

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I currently work with EDF, to be precise in the joint lab IRDEP which is a collaboration between EDF and CNRS , both in France. Recently, there has been an expansion in the research efforts and we are now part of the much larger IPVF project. This project focuses on solar energy technologies ranging from Silicon, thin films and Perovskites. For the year 2017, we are offering quite a number of internship positions especially for M2 students who wish to do their master thesis in the solar energy material science field. Below is a link to the available positions. You can alternatively send me your CV and cover letter so I can send this out on your behalf to all the responsables of each internship theme


Master Thesis positions at EDF - IRDEP


Depending on the internship subject, you will either be funded by EDF, CNRS or IPVF. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email of direct message here.


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N.B: Although the announcements are in French, French profiency is not a requirement to get these positions. So, draft your letters and bring on your best game