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Real  CO2 emissions of the European electricity production

Discussion created by Enrico Furnari Partner on 13-Dec-2016
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Hi all!

I found a super cool website, where you see in real time the CO2eq emission of the European electricity production and also the trades that are happening between the countries.


Electricity Map | Live CO2 emissions of the European electricity production 


As expected, Norway, Sweden and France have the lowest numbers (between 31 and 118 g CO2eq/kWh when I checked), and Poland is by far the most polluting country in Europe regarding the electricity generation.

At the moment of writing, Germany is using a lot of carbon - confirming that, even if medias are praising the country's policies, there is still a lot to be done to achieve a sustainable electrical grid.


Personally, I was kind of shocked to see that Italy is doing better than Finland, even in a winter and not-so-sunny day. 


Did you notice something peculiar that you weren't expecting?