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Literature on Offshore Wind in Mediterranean region and Italy

Question asked by Silvia Francioso Partner on 19-Nov-2016
Latest reply on 22-Nov-2016 by Silvia Francioso

Hi everyone!!

I am gonna start soon enough writing an article with an Association regarding off-shore wind energy in the Mediterranean region, with a special focus on the Italian situation. We do not have a focus yet, but surely it will be analysing the technology, its impact (at all levels) and the contribution that it will give to our energetic situation! Maybe also comparing it to different situations (like Portugal and the Atlantic ocean!).


Since it is not my main focus, I would like you guys to help me find some interesting literature (I am asking especially to people like Muhammad Junaid , Christian Lorenzo Lozano who are working in the field, or to italian people like Enrico Furnari and Stefano Roveda who are familiar with our energy providers ). I have no problem reading in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, so share anything that comes up in your mind. If you have in mind a friend knowleadgeble on the topic, feel free to tag him here! Thanks in advance