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What's the future of renewables in the US?

Discussion created by Enrico Furnari Partner on 09-Nov-2016
Latest reply on 09-Nov-2016 by Rachel Sadok

Well, you've all read the news.. Leaving aside all the other problems related to the election of Trumps, what do you think will be its impact on the renewable energy sector? 

On one side, the Paris Agreement has been already signed (even if it is not binding), the tax credit for solar has already been extended, and both wind and solar have already reached grid parity.

On the other side, I am more than concerned that he will do as much as possible to hinder the diffusion of renewable energy, electric cars and everything related to clean tech, mostly because of the lobbies that paid his campaign (e.g. Koch brothers).

This article expresses concerns as well PV Magazine Mobil: Breaking: Disaster for US solar as Donald Trump becomes President-elect .

What's your view?