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Discussion created by Vitor Campos Partner on 24-Oct-2016
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There is a handful of InnoEnergy people in Berlin, including students, alumni and employees. So far, the community in Berlin has not managed to organize itself very well, this means, to meet, discuss or propose activities in a regular basis.


Considering the start-up oriented scenario in Berlin and the strong sustainability/entrepreneurship scene here, there is plenty of room and opportunity for the community to grow.


For a discussion before, during and after the AlumniUnite, I propose some quick questions


- Can people InnoEnergy who are here actually profit from a strong community in the city? If yes, how?

- What practical actions can be taken in a short term to strengthen the community? How can be meetings made more interesting and attractive?

- Is it interesting/important to mingle with communities from other EIT communities, which are already pretty developed and in Berlin?


Silvia Francioso any inputs?