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Tesla SolarRoof and PowerWall 2.0

Discussion created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 01-Nov-2016
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Hey guys, I think most of you already saw what has been announced by Tesla last Friday. If you lost it, here it is an article where you can get updated: No One Saw Tesla’s Solar Roof Coming - Bloomberg.

What do you think of this combination? It will be available only from the end of 2017 and if you want to order it, well you can do it! But as it was said by Silvia Francioso during its Speaker Series, be aware that your developed country may still consider it illigal.


Moreover from the technology point of you I don't see such a revolutionary concept. Rooftiles have been produced and developed in the last 10 years in europe, even though the market is very low, and the cells used are monocristalline Silicon. For what regards the battery instead, Li-ion is considered in all the economical analysis, but what about new technologies that are arising and mostly ready for 2018?