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New vs Now

Discussion created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 14-Oct-2016
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Whenever such programs like Horizon 2020 or the big foundations invest their money towards renewable energy, they usually claim they are going to invest or give their money for R&D Projects and breakthrough technologies. But is it our winning move to gain a sustainable future and face the challenge of climate change?


So my question is, should we continue to invest more and more in research and breakthroughs from a technological perspective or should we spend more time and money in the development and in the worldwide diffusion of the technologies already established and not accessible for everybody?


In my perspective,time is even more important than the money themselves, because more people will simplify enourmously the diffusion of the existing technology. Also, in the research field, more and more must be done to try new materials and develop the extremely intricate complexity or molecules still undiscovered.