Jacopo Sala

Quantum dots for the next generation of BIPV and transparent glass

Discussion created by Jacopo Sala Partner on 14-Oct-2016

If there is a problem that is already evident in every big city is the amount of energy the drain from the electrical system. The density of energy consumed by any metropoly is much more bigger than any renewable energy resource we can think about. For now surface is not an issue and renewable power plants can be found nearby the cities, but in the near future I personally think it will be rapidly rising in the ranks of the biggest issues for cities. Here I propose to you an article about an Italian developement about BIPV and still semi-transparent glass. What do you think about the direction that the research is taking? Do you believe it would be enough to provide energy for the cities or do you have any other idea to make cities more self sufficient from the electricity perspective?


All credits to: Future Cities Could Be Powered by Windows That Absorb Sunlight