What is your current diet?

Poll created by CommUnity Post Partner on 28-Dec-2017

As the time comes to set your New Years Resolutions, and you consider the diet that will get you to achieve the body you desire, does environmental health also play a factor in your dietary choice as well as your personal health? Many are aware that the food you eat can have a pronounced impact on your individual carbon footprint. This video by Vox gives a good summary about how dietary choices can affect the environment. With this in mind, we wanted to know what your current diet is, and if it is influenced by your mindfulness of the impact it has on the environment. Share your opinion further in the comments section.


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  • I am currently a Vegan/Vegetarian.
  • I am currently a pescatarian (I eat fish, but no other meats).
  • I eat meat, but very sparingly.
  • I eat meat, but I would consider changing my diet.
  • I eat meat, and I am not considering changing my diet.
  • Other. Please describe in the comments.