Do you use a renewable electricity package? (Pay an extra fee for "being supplied" 100% renewable energy)

Poll created by Madis Leinakse Partner on 07-Nov-2016

In our case, there is a large variety of electricity packages that the consumer can choose from. Most of offered contracts are based on market based mix of generation sources, but there are also some which offer 100% renewable energy (price extra around 0.04 €/kWh). In addition, all customers are charged a fee for subsidising renewable generation.


What is the market situation in your case? Can you choose such package or you can only choose pricing (market, fixed, night & day..)? If this option is available, are you using it to support development of renewable generation units? If not, why are you not using this option?

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Not available in my country
  • Not available, but if it would be available, I would be ready to pay the extra