Ernest Solvay: The Father of the Knowledge Triangle

Blog Post created by teststudent on 11-Aug-2017

As you eventually may know, I am very interested in the concept of the knowledge triangle as the connection of higher education, research, business creation and innovation


I would like to personally contribute in this direction, feeling that I can help a little bit my society in Europe. 


We had a very inspiring and creative lunch in Iberia with alba.matamorales and talked a lot about this picture:


The picture was taken at the Solvay Conference in 1927, so after noticing the impressive amount of knowledge and talent in the meeting, I have investigated a little bit about that event:


The Solvay Conference

Clearly, this series of conferences was a breakthrough in the development of modern Physics and, specially, the edition in 1927.


Later on, I have investigated a little bit on the personality of the factotum, promoter and organizer, Ernest Solvay.


How was this guy so visionary to organize such a conference? How was so good in having the best people on board?

I recommend you to take a look to Ernest Solvay's biography



If you really read the biography , you will discover how Ernest Solvay was the perfect knowledge triangle guy: scientist, capable to generate excellent patents, capable to make money with the patents. the perfect entrepreneur creating a very strong company, ...


Curious how Ernest Solvay could not register in University because of a pleurisy, but he was extremely active in the cooperation with higher education throughout his life.


Let me be optimistic, we may have some day a member of our CommUnity like Ernest Solvay.