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Glimpse of the Welcome Event Karlsruhe 2017

Blog Post created by Samrat Bose Partner on 11-Dec-2017

A wonderful welcome event was organized by the CommUnity of Karlsruhe on 27th October 2017. The participants ranged from students of InnoEnergy, Alumni, Innoenergy Staff members, and Climate KIC alumni. The main focus of the welcome event was to introduce the CommUnity to the intakes of 2017. The event had the following agenda:

1. Welcome presentation by Local CommUnity Manager

2. A brainstorming session by the participants led by Tiago Mendes

3. A wonderful BBQ with the help of our ENETCH coordinator Cornelia Schwenk


Some of the insights from the brainstorming session that came out were:

Organize interdisciplinary talks bringing experts from different fields to address the challenge of sustainable energy

Organize training for personality development

Boot camps and Field Trips

A session with people from startups (Speaker Series)




Overall the event was a huge success with some members coming forward to organize some of the events and become a commUnity representative.

All of it was possible because of the benevolent support from Cornelia Schwenk Krishna Reddy, Tiago Mendes and Volkan Isik. We are looking forward enthusiastically to our next events

P.S. More pictures are in the attachment.


Samrat Bose