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Updated with new comprehensive data and features, Global Atlas 3.0 is designed with simplicity, contribution and collaboration in mind, to assist in the early stages of renewable energy project development.

“The new Global Atlas update brings huge improvements for developers, market analysts, energy planners and policy makers. This will lead to more renewable energy projects coming to life and new markets penning up for renewable energy investments,” says Henning Wuester, Director of IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre.


New analysis capabilities, a PV battery simulator, a solar water-heater simulator, and a grid-connected solar PV system simulator are all included in the updated tool. Importantly, maps now credit individual data providers by displaying the source very visibly on the interface.

In December 2016, IRENA launched its bioenergy production simulator, and called on the public to test this new platform and validate its data. That testing period is now complete and the bioenergy simulator and has been fully integrated into the Global Atlas platform. Further development on the Global Atlas is ongoing, and in the coming months a new wind power cost simulator will be introduced, that combines wind data from the Danish Technical University and IRENA’s costs data, which is already open to the public and easy to access through its dashboards.


Source: IRENA Global Atlas 3.0: Resource data for renewable energy professionals | IRENA newsroom