Mercè Labordena

How Europe can build a Silicon Valley

Blog Post created by Mercè Labordena Partner on 21-Aug-2017

I found this article interesting (How Europe can build a Silicon Valley | World Economic Forum; Drasko Draskovic, World Economic Forum) and I would like to share it with you.


Although it does not directly refer to the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) and the different knowledge innovation communities (KICs) as InnoEnergy as examples of good practices for the creation of innovation ecosystems, it calls for following similar practices regarding education, innovation projects and business creation so not to leave Europe, and beyond, lagging behind the US-centric entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Here there is a message, among others, with which we can identify ourselves:

  • "Public sector leadership in Europe is highly aware of the need to foster innovation-driven entrepreneurship and a large number of relevant priorities are already on the policy agenda. Interventions are being made to tailor education to the needs of entrepreneurial careers, to improve access to finance and to enhance the availability of and access to relevant talent."


And what I believe InnoEnergy is pursuing, through e.g., the creation of innovation hubs:

  • "There is an ongoing loss of technological know-how and intellectual property from Europe to the United States. American companies account for nearly half of all buyouts of European start-ups. This may not seem very important in a globalized world, but it is. Whole new areas of emerging technology are at risk of being plucked out of Europe and developed under US control instead. Concrete measures could prevent these departures. Many young people in Europe hope to start their own business. If Europe wants to keep them, it must develop innovation hubs, harmonize taxation and ease access to capital."


Do you think is there anything else missing for this shift to happen?