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Essay2018: Turn off your computer in the end of the day

Blog Post created by Iryna Samarukha Partner on 17-Aug-2018

As Aristotle said: “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. A global energy sustainability is a long round-the-world trip where advanced technologies are driven with positive “climate of thoughts” in society. Would you like to know my experience of how I impacted in settlement of the public mind with the focus on sustainability working in the office? Just have a look at the stury below.

The very first idea on how to reduce the energy consumption in the office was in the establishment of the habit to turn off the computer in the end of the business day. I have calculated that in the sleeping mode the computer consumption varies from 3W to 21W and the habit of 40 employees to turn off their computers every day could save minimum 60 kWh and in overage 350 kWh per month. Yearly, it is the energy of combustion (with performance of 80%) of 8 big trees that grow up to 100 years. First, my colleagues were not very happy with idea to shut down their computers, because they had to remember where did the stopped working and had to restart all programs and find information they worked with. I told them about my research and asked to help me with my energy-efficiency experiment and just turn off computer every day. Some time after my monthly experiment was finished and I was in hurry and left my computer in the sleeping mode. My colleague stoped me and asked: “Iryna, why don’t you turn off your computer? Are you going to burn the half of a tree tonight?”. And that was my small success...

Social opinion could be developed by multiple iterations of tiny actions and no extra-resources, except attentiveness and creativity are required for this. So, turn off your computer in the# end of the day, dream and create the future you like!

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