Syed Hammad Raza Naqvi

Past Projects in Developing Countries: Collecting Data

Blog Post created by Syed Hammad Raza Naqvi Partner on 30-Jul-2018

Hello everyone!

I am working as a Research Intern here at CommUnity office Barcelona. 

As some of you know that from quite some time we are trying to be a vehicle for change and to connect to energy projects in developing countries, and one aspect of this is to collect data about the past projects that we can use to connect to more such projects, so we need your help in this regard.
It would be great if anyone of you, who has in the past or is currently working on a project in any developing country can share the following details by commenting or direct message:

1. Name and brief details of the Project/ Duration

2. Country/ Region

3. Focal Contact Person in that Region

4. Funding Source

5. How did you find the project?
And if you haven't been a part of any project but know about where we can find such data than also please feel free to give your input.
Hammad Raza