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Challenge to reduce waste production!

Blog Post created by Felix Schimek Partner on 10-Dec-2017

Create a simple and innovative device or scheme to reduce or recycle the yearly wastes generated by a urban family, using if necessary existing solutions.

I would like to share a competition which tackles the residual waste production in households. 


The Famae foundation calls for existing and innovative ideas to reduce the amount of waste in family households. Solutions can be proposed regarding a broad field of waste handling, using technology, new products or even new methods to reduce waste during the production of goods. 
The winner will be rewarded with 1 Million € to develop his idea. 



There are several Awards, among others one for a Social Entrepreneur Idea or an Emerging Idea. 
Details can be found in the reglement:


The deadline for the project submission is the 15th of February.


I encourage everyone whose interested to take part!


Thanks to Valentin Bernard for suggesting this opportunity!


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