Farah Cheaib

Artificial intelligence, how ready is the energy sector?

Blog Post created by Farah Cheaib Partner on 13-Apr-2018

Artificial intelligence is a word that is often heard when talking about digitalization in energy (about digitalization in just about anything). It without doubt offers numerous opportunities for new services and better ways of offering current ones.


Indigo describes the main emerging Energy AI applications in the following info graphic:


Many exciting applications for AI in the energy sector, and many are already beginning to see their way into larger scale applications. However some obstacles still lie on the way before this technology can be used to its full potential by energy companies and those operating in the sector in general, and for them to move from more localized applications to wider adoption.


What do you think are the obstacles to widely utilizing AI to offer services in the 3 categories mentioned by Indigo?


Thanks for the input!