Farah Cheaib

A digitalized energy sector. What are the current challenges? How can digitalization be a solution?

Blog Post created by Farah Cheaib Partner on 14-Mar-2018

In the last Alumni Unite meeting in Barcelona we talked about how a new energy framework is materializing. Power utilities on the one hand are evolving to adapt to the existing and coming changes, while startups on the other are taking advantage of the transformation to explore and create new opportunities in energy. And the two are moving towards this new framework at two completely different speeds and with varying approaches.

However in both cases, securing a position in the energy sector will require several lines of actions, the main ones outlined in the Figure below.


A core action that has important implications on all the others is digitalization. This action is so important that it even defines what future utilities are expected to look like, the so-called “digital utilities”. The digital utility, through a variety of methods and  tools is able to capture and create value throughout the different parts of the energy value chain (from generation to transmission to distribution to retail to finally reach the end customer's premises), optimizing operations and maximizing earnings.


Today companies in the energy sector are digitalizing at different levels, but are still not quite "there". There are several obstacles on the way both inside and outside organizations, but there are also many new technologies and approaches to help resolve them.


What problems and needs are most pressing in your organization or your experience with other organizations? How do you think digitalization can be a solution?


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