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CommUnity Awards 2018 Video Pitching Contest

Blog Post created by CommUnity by InnoEnergy Partner on 03-Sep-2018

September 2018- Video pitching contest


We have reached the third and final stage of our CommUnity Contest Summer Series 2018. This month, we encourage you to showcase your pitching skills in our video competition:


You have 1 minute in the famous elevator and are standing with Angela Merkel, Pedro Sanchez, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Maroš Šefčovič. You must pitch an idea to them that makes a significant difference in achieving a sustainable energy future. You can use an existing idea, or you can come up with a new one. Your idea should have a positive impact and convince the European leaders. Dream big and change Europe!


How to submit:

Simply post your video (through any channel eg. YouTube, Vimeo) on the CommUnity Facebook page and write a short description to go with it. Share with your social media network to increase your social awareness score.




Call for application/ Start of communication campaign

3 September 2018

Deadline for submitting the video

30 September 2018

CommUnity contacts the first, second and third place

8 October

CommUnity Award Ceremony - Official announcement of the winner at the CommUnity Days in Lisbon.

27 October 2018

Three winning videos will be chosen from those submitted and the winners will be presented with awards at the CommUnity Days in Lisbon on 26-28 October. Award payout will be shortly after.


The prize of winning this award includes:

1) A monetary prize of 500 EUR for the first place

2) A monetary prize of 300 EUR for the second place

3) A monetary price of 100 EUR for the third place


The applicant must own the complete licensing rights for the video. It must be submitted no later than the deadline through the Facebook page.


Eligibility Criteria

Every CommUnity registered  member is eligible as an award winner- InnoEnergy entrepreneurs, innovators, alumni and students. The CommUnity member is asked to be available on the award ceremony, 27 October in Lisbon, to receive the price.

Award Criteria

The InnoEnergy CommUnity office evaluates the submitted application material based on predefined criteria. 





Video Quality


Sound and resolution of video. To improve video quality, use a good camera and avoid background noise.

Pitch quality


Grabs the attention with a hook/interesting opener, clear presentation of the project, product or service, delivers the pitch with enthusiasm, explanation of the benefit/competitive advantage of the product or service.

Social Awareness


Likes on Facebook post linked to the CommUnity Facebook page. The post includes a statement by the applicant and the application video.



Email us with any queries at


Best of luck!