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Blog Post created by CommUnity by InnoEnergy Partner on 01-Aug-2018


Introducing the second stage of our CommUnity Contest Summer Series. This month we welcome you to showcase your writing talent and take part in August’s essay competition:


The pen is mightier than the sword.


We want to hear your story about how you have contributed to a change which had a tangible impact on the sustainable energy future by collaborating with others. This story can be a professional endeavor highlighting an achievement in your career, a private adventure or anything in between. No matter what your background, we would love to hear about your contributions to the energy transition on any scale in an informative, inspirational essay that does not exceed 750 words.


Upload your submission as a blog post to the platform with the tag and opening title ‘Essay2018’.


For example:

'Essay2018: My Story of Sustainable Impact'


Tag: essay2018, sustainable,


Entry is free. After submitting your text, browse through the submissions and show support for your favourites by liking or commenting.




Start of the essay contest

1 August 2018

Deadline for submitting the essay

31 August 2018

CommUnity contacts the winners

10 September 2018

CommUnity Award Ceremony – Official announcement of the winner at the CommUnity Days in Lisbon.

27 October 2018



There will be three winning essays chosen from those submitted and the winning writers will be presented with their awards at the CommUnity Days in Lisbon on 26-28 October. Award payout will be shortly after.


1) A monetary prize of 500 EUR for the first place

2) A monetary prize of 300 EUR for the second place

3) A monetary price of 100 EUR for the third place


The essay must be written in English and must be submitted no later than the deadline through the CommUnity platform.


Eligibility Criteria

Anyone registered on this CommUnity platform is eligible to participate in the contest. 


Award Criteria

The InnoEnergy CommUnity office evaluates the submitted application material based on predefined award criteria. 





Quality of language


English proficiency

Inspirational message


Perceptibility and quality of inspirational message

Social Awareness


Likes/comments on CommUnity platform

Tangible impact


How many people have been impacted by the change you drove? How big was the impact?


Best of luck! Comment below with any questions or write