Archishman Bose

Young Biomass Researchers Conference - WSED 2018

Blog Post created by Archishman Bose Partner on 22-Feb-2018

On Thurday, March 1st 2018, myself, Denitsa Kuzeva and Tommaso Mura would be presenting a part of the work we did in Project of the Year (PoY) in first year of MSc. SELECT at the Young Biomass Researchers Conference, World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED 2018), 28 Feb - 2 March, Wels, Austria. 


The tile of the work is: "Analysis of Impacts of Feedstocks on a 1MW Biomass Gasification Power Plant"


I wish to share our work by attaching the paper we submitted, and invite all CommUnity members attending the event to listen to us (March 1st, Stadthalle, Pollheimerstrasse 1, 4600 Wels/Austria: Hall 20 (second floor) on the fairground). 


Look forward to have your comments and feedback, and hope to make a greater contribution to the energy transition of tomorrow.