InnoEnergy CommUnity

Five reasons to engage in the CommUnity

Blog Post created by InnoEnergy CommUnity Partner on 23-Jan-2018

1. Become a thought leader. Passionate about any specific topic? Follow the example of Simone and Gregor from Flexidao, write your own blog and create more awareness about your topic.



2. Gain skills to succeed at work.  Become a representative!. Join any local community or program and test your project management skills or leadership skills meanwhile learning about event management, marketing or content curation.


3. Get prepared for realities of the job market. Become a mentee. Seek inspiration for your upcoming career or change with the guidance of a senior professional.



4. Grow your network. Attend a community event. Check the events sections to stay up-to-date about sustainable energy related events. Also you can use discover members on the platform an connect with like-minded peers anywhere, anytime! Remember to update your profile so it's easy for other members to find you. 



5. Interact with others active in sustainable energy. Join the entrepreneurship platform group or organize yourself an innovation challenge with the help of the CommUnity! Also as a individual or as an start-up you can share your ideas or projects with the CommUnity and gather some feedback or promotion. Let’s communicate.