Our Story

We have arrived at a critical point on our planet’s trajectory where our actions determine its fate now more than ever. Centuries of exploiting the world’s natural resources have finally caught up with us, and if change is to occur, we need to act now.

At InnoEnergy, we are pioneers of change. We believe that one of the structural agents of change are people, especially when they engage with each other in sharing knowledge, transferring ideas and inspiring innovation. InnoEnergy helps energy innovations to reach the market and educates leaders about sustainability and innovation in energy.



The InnoEnergy CommUnity is the leading network dedicated to sharing knowledge, supporting and empowering each other to achieve a sustainable energy future through entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives. The CommUnity is a part of InnoEnergy, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), making the CommUnity uniquely trusted and reputable.


Inspired by TEDx which are events organised by volunteers who believe in ideas worth spreading, the CommUnity empowers volunteers, professionals and students, also called Leaders, to organise events for a more sustainable world. We focus on energy sustainability that affects everything, from material extraction to goods production and mobility.




We offer a range of local events, in different cities, as well as The CommUnity Days, an annual flagship event where the whole CommUnity comes together. This online platform bridges geographical distances and is where members are able to connect with like-minded individuals, ask questions, read The CommUnity Post and share their insights. Core members can also benefit from the Mentoring Programme and apply for jobs in the Career Centre.



The CommUnity also brings value to companies, whether already well established or a small, new business looking to grow. The extensive CommUnity network can offer solutions to your challenges, be it through case solving events or through this online platform, you can increase your company’s exposure by providing speakers for various events, and you can find new talent at networking events or online through the Career Centre.

The CommUnity was established in 2014 by a few members including the current CommUnity Officer, in the hope of creating a space where sustainable energy enthusiasts of the InnoEnergy ecosystem could feel empowered as agents of change. By connecting them to other individuals who share the same values and vision, we gave them a voice and an audience who wants to listen.


Since then, we have grown and broadened our reach, to be the energy transition community empowering change agents worldwide. Our vision is to be present worldwide from Tokyo to New York, and Oslo to Cape Town, with thousands of members, volunteers and events. We invite anyone who identifies with the CommUnity values and objectives to join as affiliate members. We aspire to be multidisciplinary and global, as well as having demographic diversity among our members.


Over 120 volunteer Leaders dispersed around the world make up the backbone of the CommUnity and act as our ambassadors. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the cause allow operations to run smoothly, be it in promoting the CommUnity among their peers or in the organisation of events. Currently, we organise over 60 events per year, ranging from workshops, to conferences, where members can learn, network and share insights. In addition, core members can benefit from around 200+ career offers per year, specially tailored to our CommUnity by partners such as the utility Energias de Portugal (EDP) joining our events.


With over 3000 members from over 80 nationalities, we are a growing network, uniting those who share our values and vision.



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