Are made up of:

  • Entrepreneurs supported by InnoEnergy
  • InnoEnergy partners and shareholders
  • InnoEnergy PhD candidates
  • InnoEnergy Master School alumni and current students
  • Current and former employees of InnoEnergy



  • Invitation to the annual CommUnity Days conference, bringing together the InnoEnergy CommUnity to challenge solve, network, hear inspiring talks and learn from training programmes 
  • A selection of free small, private online courses (SPOCs) by InnoEnergy
  • Access to the Career Centre and the ability to apply for and post jobs only for the InnoEnergy CommUnity
  • Mentoring programme
  • Exclusive, private platform groups

Members without a direct connection to any of the InnoEnergy services but interested in sustainable energy, innovation, or entrepreneurship and advancing the energy transition.



  • Receive the CommUnity newsletter every two weeks
  • Interact on the platform
  • Attend local CommUnity events


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