Attending our extensive range of events will enable you to engage with like-minded individuals, including other professionals, innovators, students and academics from across disciplines, through the shared language of sustainability. Organised by our passionate volunteers, we offer both local and global events, which range from conferences and talks, to challenge solving events and interactive workshops. You can gain new knowledge and insights, meet potential business partners, exchange ideas and find inspiration for a future venture.

For example, our energy policy event in Brussels aimed to decode the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, and hosted speakers ranging from European Union Director-General to industry lobbyists, was a major success, during which attendees were able to learn more about the policy-making environment from a range of different perspectives.

Some examples of events we organise:

An annual gathering designed for CommUnity members to reconnect with their local network for sustainable energy solutions.

Designed with the aim of educating members on policy related topics.

The case solving events bring together CommUnity members sharing their knowledge to solve an engaging, real-life challenge proposed by an engaged organisation to foster sustainable energy solutions.

Talks hosted by entrepreneurs or energy professionals, who share their experiences and insights in the sustainable energy field.





As well as a newsfeed, where you can stay up to date with the latest news and events, our online platform hosts a variety of functionalities, such as a directory, where you can easily connect with members from all over the world, a start-up database for entrepreneurs looking to connect with other businesses, a forum for discussions, and a news section where members are encouraged to share news stories or write blog posts.




Mentoring Programme

As a core member, you can enjoy the benefits of the CommUnity Mentoring Programme, which will accelerate your career and open up new opportunities. Whether you are a mentee seeking guidance and inspiration, or a mentor hoping to benefit from exposure to new perspectives, mentoring is an invaluable tool for your both your career and personal development.

How does the new mentoring process work?

CommUnity Post

The CommUnity Post bridges geographical distances through the power of writing. It empowers CommUnity Members to share ideas and to highlight their achievements while broadcasting CommUnity culture and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit.

It also provides support to anyone who would like to express their ideas or experiences through the publication of articles and other types of media. With a thorough and collaborative review process, we work with writers across all ability levels to bring their work to a high-quality level, while also preserving their voice. 

We are constantly on the look-out for budding new bloggers and reviewers, so get involved to share your opinions, prompt thought-provoking discussions and to improve your written communication skills. Browse all past content on the platform, and stay tuned for the next magazine!


Career Centre

The Career Centre prepares you for the employment market so that you can find and secure a job that fits your qualities, skills and interests. We work together with today’s energy industry to create the best possible career opportunities for students, graduates and alumni. Make sure you check out the jobs & internships section regularly for the latest updates on opportunities that might be of interest to you.

The Game-Changing Impact Programme (GCIP) is one of the career centre’s offerings. This programme, developed together with our partner The GC Index, helps to identify and fine-tune the skills you will use as you drive innovation and achieve a sustainable energy future. It assesses how you are going to make an impact, both individually and collectively in teams and organisations. This assessment is followed by an 18-month programme, including intensive personal coaching and expert-group mastermind sessions, which equips you with an awareness of your game-changing impact profile, and ultimately provides an understanding of the role that suits you best.