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Lukas Galdikas
Main energy trading companies in Europe join forces and finance Ponton Blockchain technology based wholesale energy market project. Ponton has experience in blockchain technology application in energy sector (Enerchain P2P Trading Project).    Seems that there is great chance to develop mainstream platform for Europe and rest of world! Check the… (Show more)
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Gonçalo Guerreiro
Hey everyone! I have a challenge for you: Let's put together a list of cool startups working in Energy/Mobility around Europe.   Add a company to the list  Backstory: I faced a problem about a year ago: I wanted to know what kind of startups were there around Europe working with energy/mobility products. I wanted to spot some companies that I…
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Claudio Geyken
Very well done documentary from WIRED. As just discussed with stefanocalbucci responsible for the InnoEnergy boostway programme, to help startups scale up, China has built an impressive ecosystem for hardware innovations. I wonder where in the world similar ecosystems exist.
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Claudio Geyken
Good day CommUnity members!   Podcasts are a very informative way to learn, you can listen even while doing something else. Detailed analyses are offered. Resources are difficult to find, hence, I suggest to collaborate together on a list of the best sources and featured episodes. If you have a podcast to add to this list, please click on edit… (Show more)
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Rickard Källgren
Take the chance to hear Oriol Pujoldeval from InnoEnergy talk about how Blockchain will impact the energy sector in a webinar on 21 November! Sign up today to find out more about this exciting new course from iSE by InnoEnergy.
Rachel Sadok
This is for all the Musk-ophiles out there! I enjoyed reading this more candid interview Rolling Stones did with Elon, hope you all enjoy as well.   Find the article here.
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Robert Pleticha
Advanced IoT cloud solutions to monitor, diagnose and control wind turbines. Smartive provides access to IT platforms allowing the supervision,monitoring,diagnosis and prognosis of the performance of wind turbines.
Simone Accornero
As we said in the conclusion of the last blog post, over the last year and a half, blockchain has flooded the news trends and R&D departments of every single industry. Let’s just simply take a look to some news headlines.   “Monaco launches a new Ethereum and Bitcoin Debit Card based on the VISA circuit” [source] “From Bitcoin to puke-tracking:… (Show more)
Carolina Espinoza
DescriptionThe EU Clean Energy Package sets the EU energy efficiency and renewable energy ambitions for the 2030 horizon. It also updates the regulatory framework that governs the functioning of the internal electricity market, and transmission and distribution grids. The package was announced as a new deal for consumers, and includes the right to… (Show more)
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