Good afternoon,    I am writing just because some of us, 2nd year emine, were wondering if it would be possible to join the event to help on the organization and the logistic of the event since we were in barcelona last year and also to get to know the new emine intake from 2017.
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AUTOCONSOMMATION SOLAIRE & BIM : ENJEUX ET OUTILS DE VALORISATION POUR LE BÂTIMENT EnerBIM vous présente ses dernières innovations pour marier architecture, construction et énergie solaire PV A l'heure de la mobilisation générale en faveur des énergies renouvelables et de l'électricité "gratuite", le bâtiment reste le principal consommateur…
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Hello guys! I need your few minutes to fill out this survey form for my project.  Recycling Note pads    Thanks for your help
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Description We think blockchain is a technological advance that will have wide-reaching implications on the energy industry. However, it is still one of the single most confusing terms. Everyone has a vague idea what it does or what might be possible. Some might dismiss it as a fad, a buzzword, or even technical jargon. But wait, what is it again?…
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InnoEnergy would like to collect information for the creation of a blended micromaster programme in battery storage. As with all education activities in InnoEnergy it will not only cover the technical part, but also emphasise the innovation aspects and the business impact.   Please vote the idea up if this seems like an interesting topic.    The…
New interesting project in Blockchain&Energy space...      Introductory blog post: Introducing CarbonX a new tool in the fight against climate change.   What do you think about it? How do you think it can fit in the current regulatory state in Europe ?    blockchain digital currency ethereum climatechange ghg emission
Comprehensive article more from political perspective by FT about Ostrovets nuclear power plant. Could be a nice source of information to get basic insight about the topic on specific nuclear power plant project on the border of EU.  
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Hello everyone!   I would like to share with you this video, telling the stories of REAL people, who made the DIFFERENCE in their towns, following the so called TRANSITION movement :       What are TRANSITION TOWNS? they are cities or villages that would like to make their community more resilient to… (Show more)
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Christiana Figueres and colleagues set out a six-point plan for turning the tide of the world’s carbon dioxide by 2020. Energy, infrastructure, transport, land, industry and finance... A global effort needs to be done but last years' results show that it is possible. However, action needs to be taken starting from now. If we don't act straight…
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I'm a passionate reader and recently i feel the need of finding new and interesting titles about climate change, economy and renewable energy. I am sure there are others like me in the commUnity so... who better than the commUnity members themselves can help me?   Feel free to list titles and authors!      
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Collaborate with others from the InnoEnergy network to find solutions to business challenges                                                 
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The European Commission has launched the fifth edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators to award women entrepreneurs who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market. Apply by 15 November 2017 and follow us on #WIPrizeEU. Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: "The EU Prize for Women…
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