Project Summary

The present work aims to develop energy data analysis about two islands located in Stockholm, Sweden. Both islands, Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen, are owned and maintained by SFV - The National Property Board of Sweden.

The first part of the work consisted in understanding the structure for data acquisition, finding possible mistakes in the system setup or meters malfunction. For this part, the group has cross-checked information provided by SFV and Sweco with the real situation on the islands. Data analysis was developed at different levels, such as secondary substations versus main meter and buildings-level versus smart meters data.

The second part of this study has focused on proposing possible solutions in order to increase the energy efficiency of the island. In this part, varied assessments were performed for the buildings that represent the biggest consumptions at the island and opportunities at the island level were also taken into consideration.

Project Presentation

Students can access the full report here.

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