EYEN wins the “SOLVE THE GAP – 48h EU Youth Digital Hackathon”

by: María Luisa Scarano Pereira, Sara Vieira, Jacopo Sala, Federico Barbieri  in Collaboration with the CommUnity Post


We did it! The European Youth Energy Network (EYEN) team is the winner of the SOLVE THE GAP - 48h EU Youth Digital Hackathon! 

Wait, who?

EYEN is a European network of energy-focused youth organisations from across Europe whose mission is to place youth at the heart of the European energy transition. How? We empower these organisations by connecting them to each other and to actors in the energy sector and by sharing knowledge about the energy transition on European and national levels. Recently, we developed an idea to tackle the lack of youth engagement in policy-making during a hackathon, and we are now working on turning that idea into reality.

Tell me more about the Hackathon and your idea - 

The goal of the competition was to design a digital tool that addresses the challenge of youth participation in European politics. We were awarded 10,000€ to develop a digital tool to empower young people and encourage their participation in the democratic, political decision-making processes!

Our idea is a one-stop-shop, the “OpenPolicy Europe”, to:

  • Facilitate the understanding of the policy-making processes
  • Discover the role of the European and national institutions in a user-friendly format
  • Find impactful volunteering and job opportunities
  • Promote active youth organisations in the European Union


We suggest you take a look at our 3 minutes pitch below to better visualise our idea and check the minimum viable product we developed in action:

Note: The initial name of this project was “European Policy Hub”


We will develop our tool focusing on energy policy, as that is EYEN’s field of action. However, we intend to expand this tool to other topics like health, education, climate change and digitalisation. 

Interesting, but why do you appear in my CommUnity’s feed?

Not only do we have many InnoEnergy Alumni and CommUnity members amongst our volunteers, but also we intend to partner up with CommUnity in the future. This partnership can start now! We won the digital hackathon, now we have six months to develop this project and present its outcomes during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. We invite you to collaborate with us by sending an email to info@youthenergy.eu. You can also learn more about the project and apply at https://youthenergy.eu/open-policy-europe/. If you wish to get to know the project better before making up your mind, register for our kick-off event on May 10th here.


Help us in making this project a reality!

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