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Biomass gasification has attracted renewed interest in recent years because of their potential to reduce global CO2 emissions, with considerable effort being expended on its development in order to bring it to market as a mature, functional and competitive technology. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional combustion technologies by producing high calorific gas from a renewable energy resource.

Founded in 2008 in Sweden, as a result of biomass gasification research at Luleå University of Technology and the Energitekniskt Centrum gasification center, Meva Energy is a provider of gasification technology for renewable energy production based on small fraction fuels. Their technology enables power and heat providers to utilise biomass in an efficient and profitable way.

The company has developed gasification technology, which is equipped to utilise fine fraction, second generation biomass residues, such as sawdust, wood fibers, agricultural residues etc. thus enabling them to adapt their technology to tap into the excess biomass residues that exist locally in any environment. Since their conception, the company has developed expertise within thermochemical process engineering, gasification, and syngas cleaning, to become the technology leaders that they are recognised as, today.

Unlike conventional biomass combustion which results in air pollution and an unstable supply of electricity, Meva Energy’s technology results in a stable supply of high value renewable energy and biochar which can be used in various applications. The process begins with the mixing of the biomass residue with a controlled amount of pre-heated air, transforming it into fast flowing streams of renewable biogas. This gas is subsequently cooled and conditioned before being used for industrial, circular CHP application or as process gas replacing fossil fuel. 

The company currently has a patent portfolio of 4 granted and 2 pending patents that can be found in public databases, covering topics related to their core business of biomass gasification.

Among other recognitions, Meva Energy was selected as one of three finalists in the category ‘Low Carbon Energy Production’ by the German Energy Agency in 2018 and also won the prestigious EU-China Cleantech company award that same year. The company was also selected as one of Mission Innovation 100 global solutions in 2019.


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