Professional Learning: Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector

Aug 27, 2020

Discover the most important aspects of patents and how to protect intangible assets.

Intellectual property in the Energy Sector is an innovative programme blending virtual live sessions with online learning to help you discover industrial and intellectual property and patents, and to understand how to protect your ideas. Explore effective strategies for managing intellectual property rights, as well as the company structures and licensing mechanisms that can be used to create value from your work.


Protect your intellectual assets.

Sustainable energy is changing everything. And it’s doing it fast. Enterprising companies at the vanguard of this change are leveraging new and emerging technologies like smart grids and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate the energy transition. But they face a major challenge: the need to protect their intellectual property (IP). The complexities of the energy space, where new technologies are being merged in innovative ways, mean that patent management is critical. For start-ups, patent protection is crucial in attracting customers and venture capital. For enterprise-level players, collaboration with newcomers is key but challenging because of IP hurdles.
While for the EU and other public entities, complex regulation around intellectual ownership can hamper funding of important collaborative projects.


So how do you accelerate innovation,while protecting your assets from exploitation?


Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector empowers you to:

  • Interpret and leverage complex patent documents.
  • Understand the functions of claims and how they regulate the freedom to operate.
  • Use copyright with scientific articles, software, databases and more in the contexts of publishing and commercialisation of technologies.
  • Appreciate how IP and patents in particular can help drive business goals.
  • See the link between patenting strategy and the value of an invention.
  • Master the basics of IP protection through NDA and consortium agreements.
  • Negotiate agreements using the concepts of background, foreground and sideground information.
  • Communicate effectively with IP specialists.


What do you study?
Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector is expertly designed to help you build the critical IP skills you need as an academic innovator in renewable energy. You will quickly become familiar with the core legal insights and concepts you need to know how to apply for patents successfully. And you will learn how to leverage the opportunities created by IP in the commercialisation of new technologies.


  • How intellectual property (patents, designs, copyright, trademarks, industrial secrets) can be used for commercializing your inventions.
  • How to search free online patent data bases, monitor technical fields and interpret patent registers.
  • How to search online trademark data bases and create a trademark strategy.
  • How to create a patent strategy: costbenefit analysis, alternatives to patenting.
  • The basics of licensing and creating a licensing strategy.
  • Validating freedom to operate: How to search for competing solutions and look out for infringement.
  • Other types of formal intellectual property and associated processes.
  • Protecting your results in a research collaboration with public funding.
  • Strategies for negotiating non-disclosure agreement and consortium agreements.
  • Legal limitations for public funding (state-support rules) and funding practices.

Who teaches you?
The InnoEnergy consortium is a leader in sustainable energy education, and leverages the combined expertise of many of Europe’s foremost technical universities, business schools, industry experts and innovation start-ups. Faculty leads are:

Elis Carlström


Elis Carlström is Senior Advisor on Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Chalmers Industriteknik. Elis has 40+ years of experience in developing patent strategies and technology transfer for the industrial research institute, Swerea (now part of RISE). He has developed and lectured on immaterial property and research contracts with participants from industry and academia.


Camilla Johansson


Camilla Johansson is the Team Leader of Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Chalmers Industriteknik. She works with questions relating to innovation management, IA/IP and implementation in several larger projects financed by the European Commission as well as competence centres within Chalmers University of technology.


Online for impact and flexibility

Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector is delivered over four weeks online (3 hours/week) and 4 hours of virtual classes (2 virtual classes) via online, pre-recorded and scheduled, synchronous online seminars.

Your learning is enriched by real-world case studies that bring new issues, concepts and ideas vividly to life. You will also be able to discuss your own ideas and perspectives with fellow students and faculty online. The course is divided into two parts:


PART 1: 4 weeks of self-paced online modules to include IP basics (3 hours per week)

PART 2: October 12-16 2020: Scheduled online seminars (2 hours per day)


Is it right for you?
Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector is designed for entrepreneurs, technology transfer professionals and researchers working within energy technology, renewable energy, engineering and consultancy.


Take the next step. Prepare to lead innovation at your organisation today!

Course Fees:  950

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