Energy Markets Talks - Interview with Jan Fousek, Solar Association of the Czech Republic

There are many narratives in the news regarding the impact Covid-19 will have on the energy transition. On one hand, there is considerable optimism with the 'Green Recovery' plan, that aims to revive the economy and give a significant boost to energy transition by investment in cleaner technologies while on the other hand there is also a fear of huge setbacks to renewable energy projects if the governments decide to reduce the support due to financial crunch. One such case happened recently in the Czech Republic where the government introduced cuts on existing subsidy schemes for solar power projects, impacting thousands of commercial projects where investments are already made and creating a major financial risk for these projects. With a president that favours coal and nuclear and a government that holds a majority in the parliament, the uncertain fate of their investments will continue to haunt the investors in the Czech solar sector. Check out the interview of Jan Fousek, Solar Association of the Czech Republic with Enlit.

Let us know in the comments which other countries have introduced funding cuts or withdrawn support to renewable energy projects post-pandemic and what are the key drivers influencing their decision. 




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