CommUnity Post Testimonial: Jacopo Sala

Jun 30, 2020


"The CommUnity Post has been one of my proudest achievements in my time within the CommUnity. It started off the interest to share stories of CommUnity members with each other and sustain knowledge sharing and improved networking.
After 4 years, I can proudly say it has been an incredible journey and a great gym for entrepreneurship, with great projects such as our own magazine.
And what amazes me the most, is that the best is yet to come and I am looking forward to meeting new writers, new reviewers and designers, read new content and get constantly updated about the wonderful solutions energy entrepreneurs come up with!" - Jacopo Sala

The CommUnity Post is looking for article reviewers / editors! If you are a native English speaker or are fluent in English, drop an email with your interest to and the team will get in touch with you!

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