Did you know that the transport and mobility sector is responsible for about 1/3 of Europe’s energy consumption and about 1/4 of overall greenhouse gas emissions? 

This thematic area plays a significant role in the energy transition of the EU, which is why we would like to dedicate the whole month of March to shed a light on the Transport and Mobility topics!

In the upcoming weeks we will focus on different industries within the sector and share with you the most interesting news and innovations in the field. One of the main industries is E-mobility, and today we would like to introduce to you Mob-Energy - a new start-up in Innoenergy programme, that is working on electric mobility through innovative charging services. 

Mob-Energy develops and sells a new kind of charging solution for parking managers: an autonomous and mobile robot that stores, transports and delivers energy to every electric vehicle parked on a parking slot without having to install a single charging station. If you want to know more about this innovation, visit: http://bit.ly/2vhC2Kl

Did you find this technology interesting? Keep on following our posts in March to know industry insights and news about the Transport and Mobility sector!


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