The Energy Policy Program’s end-of-year tradition

December is full of traditions, and the CommUnity’s Energy Policy Program (EPP) has its own: the Annual Meeting. From December 6th to the 8th at an informal venue near Rome, it hosted its second Annual Meeting since EPP's starting date in 2017.


As with everything in the CommUnity, there is nothing without a team. Therefore, one of the main objectives of this weekend was to expand and strengthen the EPP team. Fifteen students and working professionals from all over Europe gathered (on-site or virtually) to get to know each other and to share their interests and experiences in energy policy. Saturday we kicked off with sharing values and intentions. This helped the group members identify what makes us unique and what keeps us together. Both for the team and individually, this was essential. As Kishore Ganesan commented, the event provided “valuable networking and policy insights”.


Once you have a team of people ready to create together, the question is what to do. Two parallel paths were defined. The first was the Scenario Exploration System, as the EPP has already begun activities with this topic. The second was the European Green Deal, due to its relevance and opportunities. After many hours of brainstorms and dialogue, the two sub-groups emerged with clear objectives. Leandra Scharnhorst pointed out how “diving into the multiple fields that the Green Deal covers” led to “kicking off the planning for our 2020 strategy” to reach out to others about European Energy Policy. 


As you might have guessed, the next step is defining how to achieve those objectives. Aligned with the CommUnity’s tradition of offering leadership opportunities to its members, each sub-group prioritised its activities and defined its structure. As Silvia Binet noted, “It was great to conclude the Sunday working session with a concrete roadmap, as well as a project team well aligned on priorities, responsibilities and next steps.” 



This Annual Meeting established a tradition by continuing the first Annual Meeting. It also outlined shape for the EPP throughout the fun and productive weekend. With a motivated team, two thematic activity streams and defined structures to keep working, there is much to come from the EPP. The new team continues the work started during that weekend to launch new activities next year. Stay tuned! 



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