The festive season is generally a big time for energy use. During this time we cook more, use electric decorations and spend a lot of time indoors. That is why we are launching a Festive Campaign to bring awareness and make a big change with small actions! With a different theme each week we invite you to share tips and ideas on reducing energy during the holiday period.

The last week of the Festive campaign is focused on ways to get efficient with heating during the colder season ❄️
One of our tips is to make sure you keep furniture and clothes away from your radiators to let the heat circulate freely around the room πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Do you have a good idea on how to reduce the energy of heating? Do you often turn on the heater at home or do you prefer to layer up to keep yourself warm? 🧀🧦

Share your tips and ideas in the forum!

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