Lessons Learned from the Stockholm CommUnity Kickoff Meeting

On October 1, the Stockholm CommUnity kicked off the 2019-2020 academic year by hosting a general meeting. Organized by Corey Duncan and Piotr Grudzień, Manager and HR Manager, the meeting was held on the KTH main campus. 

Figure 1. Stockholm Manager Corey Duncan starts the meeting (Credit: Isabella Sodi)

In attendance were newly accepted Junior Leaders, the current Leaders, the Board, previous CommUnity members, and InnoEnergy alumni. The meeting began with introducing members to the new Stockholm leadership and by introducing CommUnity by InnoEnergy - what it entails, its goals, and its role with InnoEnergy. After a few icebreakers and Swedish fika, the leaders split up into groups for ideation and brainstorming activities. 

Figure 2. Old and new CommUnity members ideating in the first breakout session (Credit: Isabella Sodi)

The first activity asked the groups to describe their vision of a sustainable 2025. In just ten minutes, various ideas and different interpretations of the question emerged. One group used visual aids to present a planet Earth with an interconnected grid, renewable energy resources, and smart systems. Another group discussed important topics that need to be brought forward and acted upon if a sustainable 2025 is to be achieved. 

Figure 3. One group presents their vision of a sustainable 2025 (Credit: Isabella Sodi)

The second activity asked the groups to brainstorm actions and events to help achieve the sustainable 2025 vision; and in particular, actions and events which could feasibly be achieved by the CommUnity this year. This activity generated proposals for several potential events, around which groups were formed and contacts were exchanged - the first steps to turn these ideas into reality. 

Together, the two activities demonstrated that we all share the vision of a sustainable 2025, though we may have different ways of realizing it. The vision encompasses a large variety of topics: bio-energy, carbon capture and storage, the implementation of electric vehicles, the reduction of food waste. Each of these will play an important role in helping to achieve a sustainable future. Furthermore, the vision involves several different disciplines, industries, countries, and stakeholders. Each offer their own varying perspectives and insights; learning from these equips us with knowledge to tailor practical solutions to environmental challenges. Therefore, the Stockholm CommUnity strives to hold a variety of events, from speaker series to case studies, in a variety of different topics to bring together different people. Stay tuned for more! 

Figure 4. The Stockholm CommUnity of 2019-2020. (Credit: Isabella Sodi)

By: Emilia Chojkiewicz

Published on: 17.12.2019

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