5 Organisations Creating a Buzz in Energy Innovation

As our world is hurling towards climate change, resource depletion, and increasing population, the topic of sustainability is becoming ever more important. People are increasingly demanding alternatives to fossil fuel-generated electricity. Here are five organizations across the world that are making efficient energy production and management a reality. 

#1 LightSource BP

Nick Boyle and Paul McCartie, founders of the LightSource BP organization, early on recognized the world’s need for smarter energy solutions. In 2010, they created LightSource BP, a London-based company set out to spread the power of solar energy both to individuals and institutions. Since then they have become one of the largest solar companies in the world, based on installed capacity.  Their projects include installing 60 MWp utility-scale solar plant in Wagdari India and signing a 25-year power purchase and asset acquisition deal in Kansas. One of the programs the organization created with partner EDF Energy is called Sunplug. The program combines solar PV with battery storage and a smart monitoring system. The initiative gives customers considerable control over their home’s electricity production and usage and can help reduce their bills and carbon footprint.


#2 Orison Energy

Founded in 2013 by Eric Clifton, Orison Energy created an innovative battery storage solution that allows homes to optimize their energy consumption through smart recharging batteries. Based in San Diego, California, Orison Energy has presented the world’s first self-installable home battery system that allows customers to store clean and affordable energy. The batteries can charge when there is excess solar energy, or during night-time when there is less demand on the power grid and energy prices are lower. Each device stores about as much power as operating a TV for five hours; however, additional panels only cost US$1,100 each.



ENESSERE is an Italian company that stands behind smart wind turbines known as the Hercules Turbines. Based in Brendola, Italy, the company was founded in 2009 by Oliver Glemser. They introduced their smart wind turbines in 2015 as a contribution to the world’s smartest renewable energy solutions. These innovative turbines can learn weather patterns and generate green energy more efficiently. The Hercules Turbines feature an aesthetic design with unique wooden wings that allow people to make use of wind power on a daily basis. 


#4 OnFarm

OnFarm is an American company founded in 2012 by Lance Donny. Situated in Fresno, California, OnFarm focuses on creating software and hardware solutions for the agricultural sector. Their wide range of solutions includes hardware technologies combined with software that allows better data management, advanced charting, and alerts. Features such as these contribute to more efficient farm management and more controlled use of natural resources. Most importantly, OnFarm has partnered with SWIIM Systems to create the SWIIM OnFarm Grower Dashboard. This system allows farmers to track all data in one place, as well as to manage the use of water resources more efficiently.


#5 SolePower

Lastly, SolePower is a Pittsburgh-based company founded by Hahna Alexanders in 2012. SolePower specializes in creating innovative self-charging wearable technologies. Their innovations aim to solve specific issues while efficiently managing energy resources. Their most important contribution to the world of energy innovations is their patented kinetic energy technology. SolePower has created SmartBoots, a type of advanced footwear that uses the kinetic energy of walking to charge their sensors. SmartBoots include features such as GPS tracking, motion sensors, RFID, and safety alerts. They were primarily built for construction workers to track their workflow and gain alerts of unsafe environments. However, kinetic energy technology could be the kind of breakthrough consumers need.

SolePower, OnFarm, ENESSERE, Orison Energy, and LightSource BP are only five out of thousands of organizations that are using innovative approaches to create a sustainable way for us to live and work. Through an integrated approach of creative financing, scientific research, and practical technology applications, financial markets, researchers, and innovators are proving they can work together for a clean-energy future.

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