Twice a year, Leaders in the CommUnity gather for a Summit in a European city to share ideas, align visions and continue training to be able to deliver the best events possible for the wider CommUnity.

CommUnity Leaders at the end of the training

With the mission of empowering change agents by providing both on and offline networking platforms for the sustainability innovators of today the future, you’d be right to think that it takes a team of over 20 people (CommUnity Managers) to organize the events, blogs paces, magazines and platform. However, at the helm of every local and topic CommUnity is a Team Manager and HR Manager, guiding the ship and aligning the locality’s actions with the overall vision of a successful energy transition brought around as a bottom up movement from everyone around the world.

In order to facilitate such a process, 14 board members from around Europe met in Barcelona on the third weekend of February to receive training to better implement the CommUnity strategies, as well as learn of the developments within the CommUnity which would affect the wider CommUnity as a whole. With the many CommUnity members now established in their workplaces – whether that be at their own startup or established company – and spreading the word and power of the CommUnity to other young and middle-management professionals, a change of focus for the content that the CommUnity provides was necessary.

Without leaving behind the students who formed the core of the CommUnity, the emerging segment of professionals demanded not just informative content, but also have a desire to use the talents of existing CommUnity members to help solve some of the challenges they face in their businesses. These events manifested themselves as case solving events, bringing together companies and students in mutually beneficial case solving events. This was just the beginning of the new content available to this CommUnity sector, with several new ideas put into action at the meeting.

On top of this ever-evolving direction for the leading energy transition CommUnity, part of the team at MetaFox delivered their expertise on how our local communities could be better run to ensure continuity and, importantly, the power of communication and the need to practice one’s outreach. With the help of the MetaFox team, the CommUnity Managers worked on team management and effective coordination to facilitate the continued expansion of the CommUnity, most recently evidenced by the establishment of our newest local CommUnity in Catania.

To round off the weekend Clara Montes, organiser and speaker curator at the incredibly empowering TEDxBarcelonaWomen, shared her experiences starting her own TEDx event, and how in just 5 short years she created one of the most inspiring annual events of the year. Within this event we heard of how TEDx had pushed to spread ideas worth sharing, and had even managed to host an event at the foot of Everest. Seeing parallels with our own goals and events, we drew further motivation having seen the progress that we had made as a team over the previous two years. Assimilating this knowledge at the CommUnity we know that we shall make this year’s The CommUnity Days even better than last year, an event designed  to inspire and connect our large network of passionate individuals.

Following on from the success of the Manager training, the first CommUnity Leaders Summit of 2019 took place during the first weekend of May, this time in Lyon. With 44 participants, the Leaders continued their journey of growth and strategic development, this time learning how to adapt their events to the slightly more guided structure set out by the Community Office. There would now be a focus on the Speaker Series, Think Tank events and CommUnity Solves, events which would be seen around Europe at our nine local CommUnities. Then, as the event came to a close the outlined plan for the CommUnity began to take shape: as of next year, senior CommUnity members would take part in an intensive training course that would enable a sufficient training cycle within the CommUnity to ensure that we continue strongly for years to come.

Welcome session to kick off the weekend


An organization is nothing without its members, so if you would like to get involved apply here to become a Leader at your desired CommUnity location or in one of the Topic Teams.


By The CommUnity Post

Published on 29 May 2019

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