As discussed by CommUnity member Laura Broleri in her speech at the CommUnity Days 2018, SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy are inextricably linked, therefore one cannot be achieved independently of the other.

Women in the energy sector, as in most areas of the workforce, are widely underrepresented, and while a number of organisations are increasingly implementing solutions and initiatives to tackle this imbalance, gender equality is still a distant reality.

At the CommUnity, we strive for gender equality and firmly believe that it is crucial for a sustainable future.

If you are a woman working in the energy sector and want to make your voice heard, apply now to be a speaker at The CommUnity Days 2019! Use this platform to inspire others and promote female empowerment around the world.

In the meantime check out The CommUnity Days website for more information regarding the event or read Laura Broleri’s interview Gender Equality in the Energy Sector for some inspiration.



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