Case Solving Series: COMSA Corporación

Mar 07, 2019

“The Case Solving event is a recurring event, organised by InnoEnergy CommUnity Leaders and active members all over Europe, during which participants have a chance to brainstorm, debate and propose solutions to the defined case on energy-related topics.”

On the 18th of December, the Barcelona CommUnity had the pleasure of holding a case solving event. The event was held in conjunction with COMSA Corporación, a leading Spanish construction firm. The event was attended by a mix of InnoEnergy and UPC students, as well as representatives from a number of industries and start-ups. 


Some of the teams working hard coming to terms with the problem at hand

With participants filling the room, COMSA presented the details of their hybrid storage technology, which provides a unified electrical and thermal solution. The task at hand was then explained, with teams asked to develop a business plan and to analyse potential markets for the technology. Additional technical details were handed out to the teams and the challenge began. 

Each team was made up of a mixture of industry experts and students, thus promoting the exchange of fresh ideas and perspectives on both sides. Sergio Costa, SELECT Alumnus and COMSA employee, acted as a catalyst to promote the brainstorming of ideas and to provide further technical details. The challenge provoked intense discussion and many interesting new ideas were developed among the groups. 

Once the two hours ran out, each group stepped forward to deliver their conclusions and ideas in a short 5 minute presentation on stage. The COMSA employees then investigated and judged each proposal, with the best solution ultimately decided by weighing their scores with votes cast by task participants and organisers from the room.

Final presentations of market analysis and potential business opportunities

The winning team was decided by an extremely tight margin, with only one vote separating the top two proposals. However, the winning teams innovative approach as well as the clear practicality of their apartment buildings leasing solution made their design stand out among the crowd. They were deserving winners, though both the organisers and the COMSA employees made note of how impressed they were by the quality of all of the solutions proposed. Interest was expressed by the company on engaging further with the winning team-members to develop their idea and perhaps implement the business plan. Judges were also positive about a number of the other proposals, expressing particular interest in a proposal targeting rural off-grid farmers and farming organisations.

The general feeling from all involved was that the event was a great success, with both students and professionals commenting afterwards about how much they had enjoyed the challenge and the chance to work together. 

The winning team and the judges (from left to right: Francesco Milani, Marc Jené, Uriel Ruiz, Lorenzo Cantoni, Sergio Costa, Piotr Grudzien, Maria Gris, Gisela Soley)

The organising team (From left to right: Marc Jené, Uriel Ruiz, Lele Risoli, Sergio Costa, Tim Ryan, Piotr Grudzien)


As the case solving event finished up, attendees moved down the road to a pizzeria, where they were joined by further members of the Barcelona Community, for a Christmas CommUnity dinner. As many have since moved away for Masters theses, it was a nice way to say goodbye, and a great way to finish a successful year for the CommUnity in Barcelona.

Happy faces at the CommUnity Christmas dinner


By Tim Ryan 

Published on 07 March 2019

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