Invest in a solar power system for Simbi Roses, a flower farm in Kenya

Mar 05, 2019

With your help, ecoligo’s previous project to install a solar power system for Central University in Ghana has been successfully financed. Thank you to everybody who invested.

If you missed out on the opportunity to invest before, here is your chance! ecoligo’s new project will finance a 150 kWp solar system for Fairtrade-certified flower farm, Simbi Roses, in Thika, Kenya.

Simbi Roses is a Fairtrade certified flower farm in Thika, near Nairobi. Founded in 1995 by flower lover Grace Nyachae, the farm has grown over the years from two to 30 hectares and continues to grow. Over 540 people work at the business, which exports 13 varieties of roses to international markets. Simbi Roses’ mission is not only to grow high-quality flowers in a safe environment, but also to participate in the development of workers' welfare, families and community. Employees engage in different committees that oversee the health and well-being of workers as well as promote education, health and social welfare in the local community.


Social responsibility

Simbi Roses has a sense of social responsibility at the core of its activities. A workers’ fund and various employee-run committees promote projects that contribute to health, welfare, education and human rights in the farm and the local community. Projects have included building facilities at local schools, building a lab for a local pharmacy, providing educational bursaries, and giving workers materials to improve their homes. The ‘Well-Being’ committee at Simbi Roses also organises campaigns in cooperation with local leaders to fight against issues like child labour and domestic violence.

Environmental protection

Simbi Roses continuously works on reducing its environmental footprint. The farm has implemented 40% hydroponics into their production mix, in order to reduce fertiliser use and minimise soil pollution. Where pesticides are needed, biopesticides are used if possible. Almost 100% of the water used comes from collected rainwater. Green waste is also collected and used to create biogas in the farm’s own biogas digester, which provides up to 10% of the farm’s electricity.

Want to be a part of this change? Support Simbi Roses flower farm in its transition to renewable energy. Make an impact and invest in this project now! Use the bonus code CommUnityJA4, exclusive to CommUnity members, to receive a 25€ bonus on your first investment. Investments start from 100€ and you receive 5,50% p.a. interest over 5 years. Receive an early bird bonus of 0.5% if you invest before the 17 March 2019. The bonus will be paid into your account within 20 days of the project being successfully financed.




Note - The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Please read carefully the project-specific risk information carefully before investing.

Published on 05 March 2019

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