Are you aware of any measures taken by organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and create a healthy, sustainable workplace?


At InnoEnergy, we pioneer change in sustainable energy. But we cannot hope to make a positive, global impact without innovating our own workplace practices and imbuing in our employees a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

For this reason, CommUnity has started the initiative Sustainable Being, which aims to encourage and inspire sustainable practices in the workplace.

Many companies around the world, including Allianz, Schneider Electric and Accenture, are already implementing wide-scale measures to reduce their carbon footprint, and it is time others followed suit. A sustainable workplace not only has a collective, positive environmental and social impact on our planet but is also beneficial and profitable for the company in the long run.

From office management to mobility, there are many aspects of work life that can be tweaked to yield more sustainable results. Individual-level changes can include computers being turned off to save energy, meetings being held via virtual reality, incentivising employees to cycle to work and ordering local or vegan catering, while energy efficiency measures implemented by companies can include switching to fluorescent lighting or using passive heating and cooling. Some standards and certifications already exist to make auditing and implementing actions easier e.g. an ISO norm for sustainable events called ISO 20121 APEX ASTM, certifications such as the B Corps certification and the Common Goods Economy matrix.


Hence, we would like to put forward two questions (below) to you and gather your valuable inputs.


What measures can companies implement to make their operations more sustainable?

What daily actions can one undertake in the workplace to improve sustainability?


Please comment your thoughts and suggestions on how InnoEnergy and other companies can reduce their carbon footprint in the comment section below. No matter how large or small the action, all input is greatly appreciated.

Published on 01 March 2019

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