Invest in a solar power system for Central University in Ghana

Jan 17, 2019



Thanks to your efforts, the Nyaho Medical centre project has now been financed, and due to its success, we are excited to announce a new investment opportunity.

The CommUnity is proud to continue supporting InnoEnergy startup ecoligo, which promotes global sustainable development by providing businesses in developing countries with affordable, renewable energy solutions, namely solar power. ecoligo puts the power to change the world in our hands. It allows us to take charge of how we deal with climate change and act on it rather than to wait for governments to take a lead.

ecoligo implements renewable energy projects around the world that are financed through the  crowdinvesting platform, which offers attractive and tangible projects with a fixed interest rate to private investors such as you and me. Thus, we as investors can benefit financially, while supporting local economic development in emerging markets, as well as tackling climate change. This effectively promotes citizen participation in the global energy transition. We have the power to change people’s lives at our fingertips.

ecoligo’s latest project aims to provide a solar power system for the student dormitories at the Central University, a higher education institution committed to educating future generations of Ghanaian leaders, where special emphasis is placed on communicating ethical values such as tolerance and integrity. Currently, 7,500 undergraduate and 200 undergraduate students are studying at seven faculties at the university.

Central University has chosen to install a solar energy system with a total output of 125 kWp, which will not only reduce the electricity costs, but also CO2  emissions by around 88 tonnes per year. The student dormitories will remain connected to the state utility's power grid. The generated solar energy is completely intended for personal use and is not fed into the power grid, so at night or on cloudy days, when not enough solar energy is produced, the dormitory will continue to draw power from the grid.



           Central University, Ghana


                                                                                                         Students of Central University, Ghana


Want to be a part of this change? Support the Central University in its transition to renewable energy. Make an impact and invest in this project now! Use the bonus code CommUnityJA4, exclusive to CommUnity members, to receive a 25€ bonus on your first investment. Investments start from 100€ and you receive 5,50% p.a. interest over 5 years.

Quality education is central to improving the living conditions of individuals and society as a whole. In recent years, the Ghanaian government has already greatly improved the quality of education. In addition to free compulsory education at the primary and junior high school levels, since 2017, senior high school has also become free for Ghanaians. However, despite these initiatives, there is still a shortage of quality tertiary education in the West African country. Private institutions, such as the Central University, are trying to fill this gap, creating a new generation of highly educated Ghanaians.

In addition, the project supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) # 7 ("Affordable and Clean Energy"), # 8 ("Decent Work and Economic Growth"),  and # 13 ("Climate Action Measures").


So what are you waiting for? Invest now.


The project is managed by solar-as-a-service provider ecoligo GmbH that has opened its Ghana branch office in 2017. ecoligo provides a fully-financed solar-as-a-service solution for businesses in emerging markets such as Ghana and Kenya.

Note - The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. Please read carefully the project-specific risk information carefully before investing.

Published on 17 January 2019

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