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Jan 09, 2019

Most of the following courses are completely free. Please investigate the costs of any course, including testing or certification fees before beginning.

Business Management

Wharton Business School (WBS) Equivalent Online MBA Courses

Business Insider has found close (or nearly exact!) free online matches for the six "fixed core" courses which are equivalent to WBS MBAs using their curriculum snapshot. Check the link for the list of the courses.

Free Online Learning Programs - Kutztown University 

"One of the largest collections of free, on-demand entrepreneurial training resources in the United States.” Categories such as accounting, business planning, legal issues, management development and marketing.

Business Online Lectures and Courses - Academic Earth 

208 courses including titles like: Creating Need for Your Product, Raising Venture Capital, Applied Economics for Managers, Angel Investment, Behavioral Economics and Finance and many more.

University of California – Essentials of Entrepreneurship

The course materials cover the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including skills, feasibility studies, strategies for launch, and the basics of a startup. Available for free without testing material, but is also offered in a paid version that includes testing and certification with Coursera.

Project Management: The Basics for Success | Coursera 

This course combines the most critical elements of project management along with team leadership to help you take better control of project planning. By better leveraging the teams you have in place, you can lead every project through milestones and critical deadlines for more successful deployment.

The course is available for free without testing material, but is also offered in a paid version that includes testing and certification with Coursera.

How To Build A Startup: The Lean Launchpad - Udacity 

Course focuses on growing a startup by understanding the needs of the customer, and following a Customer Development Process. With this information, you’ll be able to develop, test, and validate any new ideas you have using data from actual customers.

Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution - Coursera

Over the past several decades, operations strategy has played an increasingly important role in business’ success. In this course, learn concepts and tools to build operations in a way that not only supports your competitive strategy, but also allows you to create new opportunities in the market place.

Foundations of Business Strategy - Udemy

Strategic analysis is critical for analyzing the competitive context in which an organization operates and for making reasoned and reasonable recommendations for how that organization should position itself and what actions it should take to maximize value creation. In this course, we will explore the underlying theory and frameworks that provide the foundations of a successful business strategy. Managers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, analysts, and consultants all may find value in mastering these fundamentals. 



New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs - Coursera 

This course is for aspiring or active entrepreneurs who wants to understand how to secure funding for their company. This course will demystify key financing concepts to give entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding.

Financial Decision Rules for Project Evaluation

In this finance course, learners will be exposed to real world decision-making rules used to prioritize projects, with several rich applications. The specific decision rules we will analyze include: Payback, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services - MIT OpenCourseWare 

Graduate-level course available for free through MIT’s Sloan School of Management. This work-at-your-own-pace course focuses on developing major innovations by concentrating on the needs of the individual customer and end-user. Those kinds of innovations are the most likely to contribute to long-term, sustainable growth in your business.

University of Maryland – Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies

Cover analyzing opportunities, improving strategic decision making, and building an innovative business model to help you launch. It’s a sound introduction to entrepreneurship, industry, and to understanding the markets you’ll operate in. The course is available for free without testing material, but is also offered in a paid version that includes testing and certification with Coursera.

Carnegie Mellon – Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Comprehensive course designed to provide active or aspiring entrepreneurs with all the information they need to get a new business concept off the ground. Topics covered include building a team, finding financing, building a competitive strategy, writing a business plan, sales and marketing, legal issues, and much more.

Degreed – Entrepreneurship Learning Pathway

This curated selection of course materials, articles, and videos includes 12 self-paced lessons that begin with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the process for developing a business. The material moves from basic through advanced content that covers everything from economics to social entrepreneurship, risk assessment, tools, and real-life case studies.


Talent Management and Leadership

Master Class Management

Free access to a variety of courses on topics such as how to organize and manage departmental goals, hiring and retaining top talent, mediating and handling conflict, the art of communication, and much more.

Latitude U – Supervising Difficult Behaviors

Learn how to identify difficult behavior, as well as common triggers that can cause such behaviors to manifest in even exemplary employees. You’ll also learn effective and common strategies to manage difficult employees in the workplace.

Latitude U – Level 5 Leadership

Focus is on building personal humility and professionalism that elevate employee relations and drive employees to share the vision of leadership in order to maximize growth.

University of Michigan – Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Led by George Siedel, Professor of Business Administration and Business Law, the course includes over eight hours of video lectures that provide a wealth of material on how to improve your negotiation skills.

University of Illinois – Foundation of Everyday Leadership

Learn about the head and heart of everyday leadership, decision making as an individual and in a group, and how to manage motivation. Can be taken for free and offers paid options for completion with a certification.

HP LIFE – Effective Leadership

HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (LIFE) offers course on becoming a more effective leader, which focuses on examining how different leadership approaches impact the workplace.


Published on 09 January 2019

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